Bahar Al Asema

Bahar Al Asema is an Abu Dhabi based luxurious seafood restaurant.


Bahar Al Asema, which means the sea of the capital, refers to the capital of the UAE that is Abu Dhabi. The founders state “ We take pride in starting from a land where our nautical ancestors were dependent on the sea for their setting and their roving. We are inspired by the capital of Abu Dhabi as a name, bringing forth the finest seafood from the sea of the blessed capital to the world. If the sea could talk, than the sea of the capital has stories like no other”.


Teal is the primary colour of the brand. The overall brand design is filled with whimsical illustrations of the mystical creates of the sea, accented with abstract waves and water bubbles. Everything is finished off with gold foiling for a luxurious touch. 



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