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Savor the flavors of the Levant — drawing inspiration from the Yarmouk Valley, Mezza House is a magical ecosystem of diverse flavors, stimulating atmosphere and lush sceneries. Mezza House takes a nod to its traditional roots while unfolding a new and exciting experience for everyone.


Branding • Packaging


Mezza House’s brand personality (right from its conception) reflects feminine qualities. To be more specific, it evokes a motherly warmth and liveliness in a household.


This effeminate touch is recognizably manifested through our choice of colors — our signature blend of green, beige, and pink, setting the tone across all of the materials.

The calligraphic logo — a combined idea of roughness and flow, is a representation of the Yarmouk Valley. The Black Iris is a supporting icon used to supplement the layouts. ​


Meanwhile the supporting elements are designed as an experience for the sense. They tell the story of the valley through Ebru (Turkish art of marbling), rock textures, trees, herbs, flowers, and rocks.

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